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Preparing for your Trip to New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand

at the airport

Before you travel to New Zealand, it is important to ensure you have the correct visa.


Enrolment at Arise Academy is conditional upon you obtaining the appropriate visa to enable you to live and study in New Zealand. In most cases this is a student visa. Holders of other types of visas must ensure their visas allow them to study the qualification outlined in their Offer of Place. The Offer of Place does not guarantee that you will obtain the appropriate visa to allow you to study.


As an international learner, you are responsible for meeting all conditions relating to your visa.  If you change your visa during your study, you must inform Arise Academy and ensure that the visa is still valid for study.


Arise Academy accepts no responsibility for the visas of partners/spouses or dependent children.


You are responsible for ensuring Arise Academy receives a certified copy or sights the original, and makes a copy of your visa and any condition contained within that visa prior to your start date. E-visas can be provided if forwarded directly from Immigration New Zealand.


For more information on applying for a visa, visit the Immigration New Zealand website.

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