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Enrolment Procedure

Step 1: Choose your programme of study

Select the qualification you are interested in studying towards. Note that there are specific entry criteria for each Arise Academy programme.

Step 2: Apply

To apply to study with Arise Academy please submit your application online through Apply Now.

The application process varies depending on the programme you choose to study. Some programmes have additional admission requirements, for example, you may need to complete additional forms, or be interviewed. Once all the steps have been completed your application will be reviewed by the selection panel.

Step 3: Arise Academy acceptance

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer and an invoice. The Offer of Place details your rights and obligations as a learner at Arise Academy. The invoice details your fees for your chosen programme of study. To accept your programme, you must sign the offer and initial each page. You must then pay your fees according to your invoice. Once your fees are received, Arise Academy will issue you a receipt.

Step 4: Obtain your visa (international learners only)

You are required to submit a valid visa and insurance for the length of your study dates on your offer.


Step 5: Enrolment

When we have received your fees, you will be issued with a Public Trust Fee Protect form which you will need to sign, initial each page and return to Arise Academy.

Step 6: Learner confirmation

Once we receive your signed and initialled Public Trust Fee Protect form, you will be enrolled as a current learner and issued with your learner details and course start date.

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